Do’s and Don’ts of Hosting an Open House During the Holidays

The holidays aren’t usually the ideal time to have your home on the market. However, the buyers who are still out looking for homes during the holiday season are usually very serious about buying, which makes it a great idea to have an open house! Below are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind if you want your Realtor to hold your home open during the holidays:

Do: Let There be Light

Even on sunny San Diego days, you want to keep the house brightly lit. Light-soaked homes tend to leave a favorable impression on buyers. Make sure your windows are washed and heavy draperies are removed to let in the maximum amount of natural light.


Don’t: Overschedule Viewings

While holiday buyers tend to be serious, don’t let that keep you from spending time with family and friends. You may want to schedule one or two longer weekend open houses rather than multiple shorter ones so you do not have to clean and vacate your home multiple times over the holiday season.


Do: Deck the Halls

Add some seasonal decor to welcome buyers! Twinkling lights and a wreath on the front door adds a welcoming touch. A scented holiday candle without a strong scent can help put buyers in the holiday spirit.


Don’t: Go Overboard with Decorations

Just make sure you don’t go overboard! You want to decorate your home to appeal to everybody, so keep your decorations nonspecific so the home remains relatable. Make sure you take the rest of the neighborhood into consideration, so your house doesn’t stick out too much. And make sure you don’t cover up any of the home’s key assets with decorations! If you’re not sure what would be considered “too much” ask your Realtor!


Do: Keep it Cozy

Even with warm weather year around, there’s something about the holidays that suggests warmth and family. To make your home seem extra cozy and welcoming, add a decorative throw or bake a platter of cookies to leave at the open house! If you have a fireplace, make sure your Realtor knows how it works so it can be demonstrated during the open house.


Don’t: Forget to Declutter

Just because you’re decorating for the holidays doesn’t mean you shouldn’t declutter! Put away personal items, such as family photos, toys, and personal items. Remove extra furniture and clothing from closets to make your home seem spacious. And, while having gifts under the tree can add ambiance to the home, these can be easy for light-fingered visitors to steal. Put away all of your valuables (including presents!) in a safe and secure space before the open house.


Thinking about selling your home this year or next? Whether you are already making preparations or you just want to discuss your options, we’re here to help! Give The Roby Company a call at (858) 748-8002 or email us to learn how we can help you sell your home quickly and for the best possible price!


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Do’s and Don’ts of Hosting an Open House During the Holidays

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