Poway Valley Riders Association (PVRA)

Horse and Rider at Poway Valley Rider’s Association (PVRA)

Poway’s slogan, “The City in the Country” isn’t just good marketing; it’s truly a way of life. From the weekend Farmers Market to the Poway Midland Railroad Depot to the crosswalks that are equipped with signals placed at just the right height for horseback riders, Poway is a town that has clung to its roots as a historic farming community.

Though Poway has now become one of the most desirable places to live in San Diego County and many subdivisions have sprung up over the years to address the needs of home buyers, many Poway residents still have room to keep horses and other farm animals on their property. For those who are unable to or don’t want to keep their animals at home, there are a number of commercial boarding barns in the Poway area.

But keeping a horse and having somewhere to ride a horse are two different things entirely. Many residents who keep their horses at home don’t have room to build a riding arena on their property, especially if they compete in a sport that requires a sizable ring like dressage or jumping. And many of Poway’s commercial barns don’t have enough riding areas to accommodate all of their boarders.

Luckily, Poway equestrians have another option: The Poway Valley Riders Association (PVRA) Facility.

Poway Valley Riders Association (PVRA)

History of PVRA

To support the Poway horse community, PVRA was established in 1960. Their mission is to “foster a diversified interest in horses and family related activities, with an emphasis on encouraging young people to take an interest in our Club.” Located off Tierra Bonita Road, this 14-acre facility offers multiple arenas and riding areas for equestrians of all disciplines. The facility is sustained largely through the work of volunteers so most PVRA memberships require the member to complete a certain amount of annual work hours. You don’t need to be a PVRA member to attend a show as a competitor or spectator however.

Events at PVRA

Each year PVRA hosts a number of shows and clinics for all levels of horses and riders. Their offerings include a dressage show series, gymkhana series, and a hunter/jumper show series, among others. They also host the annual Poway Rodeo. This year’s rodeo will take place on September 27th and 28th. The Rodeo has been a Poway tradition for more than forty-five years!

In addition, PVRA is home to the following equine groups: Shooting Stars Drill Team, Poway Horsemaster’s Club, Poway Polo Club, and Poway Valley Pony Club. Participating in a club is a great way to meet other Poway residents while having fun with your horse or pony! Be sure to check the calendar to see all of the activities happening each month at PVRA.

Membership at PVRA

To become a member of PVRA, you must go through the membership process. Once you’ve completed all the requirements for membership, the PVRA Board will vote to approve your membership. There are different levels of membership that have different annual costs and work requirements. You can view the different membership opportunities here. It’s important to note that most of the clubs require you to also become a member of PVRA to ride with them and participate in their activities.

Renting the PVRA Facility

Finally, the PVRA facility is also available to rent for other events like weddings, dog shows, and livestock events. They even have a Chuck Wagon on the grounds that may be available as well. For more information about renting out the grounds for your upcoming event, contact the PVRA President.Poway Community LifeAs your North County San Diego Real Estate experts, we’re here to help you find the perfect home in Poway. If you have horses and want to be close to riding facilities and the heart of old Poway, we can help. We even have a home available now at 13863 Tierra Bonita Rd, just down the street from PVRA!

Whether you’re buying a home for the first time or have one to sell so you can move into the home of your dreams, our goal is to ensure you have the best San Diego real estate experience. Call us at (858) 748-8002 to get started today!


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