Sold in 3 Days for Over-Asking! How We Can Help Sell Your San Diego Home With Less Stress

Are you waiting to sell your home because you just don’t know where to begin? If you have lived in your home for one year or more than thirty years, the thought of moving can be painful. Unless you are highly disciplined and most of us are not, you look around and see the things you have accumulated over the years. The projects you procrastinated on because of lack of funds or time. Your heart starts to beat fast, your stomach begins to churn and you are stressed out just thinking about how much work it will take to get your home ready for sale. This is what we call analysis paralysis. Too many tasks and no clear path for prioritization. 

That’s where we step in. We know from experience that selling your home will be emotional and stressful. Change is never easy. That’s why we take over on the management of the tasks to get the property ready for the market to reduce the stress of selling your home.  

Our most recent listing was with previous clients who we represented to buy the property six years ago. He always told us that when they sell, we would be their agent. Earlier this year they contacted us to sell their home. 

The first thing we do is ask the client, “When do you want your property actively for sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?”  Then we complete a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and email it to them.  The first CMA is a broad analysis of properties with similar characteristics that are Active, Pending, and Sold in the past six months. It is broad because we don’t know the condition of the property or any upgrades which may have been done.

Then we schedule a walk-through to learn about the features that only a homeowner would know and evaluate the condition of the property. Being a good listener is imperative! It’s impossible to remember every detail, so we like to record the conversation using Evernote and take notes and photos for our personal review. After touring the property, we make recommendations on the projects that will get the highest return on their investment. The top five are decluttering, repairs, paint, landscaping, and deep cleaning. Prior to our clients making a financial commitment, we schedule meetings with vendors to provide estimates for the work.

Once the estimates are received, we discuss them with our clients in the order of importance relative to the cost. Our goal is to help them get the maximum return on any financial investment they make at this stage.  Once approved, we schedule the vendors  to complete the work. Our most recent listing went on the market  during statewide social distancing requirements due to the pandemic caused by the virus Covid-19. The positive was the property was vacant and had a lockbox for access. Below is a timeline of what we did to get the property ready for the market while following the social distancing requirements. 


  • 3/22 – Social Media Pre-Marketing Campaign
  • 3/23 – Paint (2-3 days)
  • 3/23 – Landscape (1-2 days)
  • 3/26 – Deep clean tile and carpet (1 day)
  • 3/27 – Deep cleaning (1 day)
  • 3/28 – Professional photos, 3-D Matterport walkthrough, and Zillow video walkthrough
  • 3/29 – Active on Multiple Listing Service (MLS)


The preparation to get the property ready was well worth it. We received multiple offers over asking price and were in escrow in 3 days! 


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Sold in 3 Days for Over-Asking! How We Can Help Sell Your San Diego Home With Less Stress

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