Wildfire Season in San Diego: Fire Preparedness Tips

Fall is right around the corner, which unfortunately means wildfire season in San Diego. Take steps this month to prepare and mitigate the risk to your home and property.

ReadySanDiego has a free resource guide you can download with lots of great tips and information. A few of the points covered include creating defensible space, which means regularly maintaining all areas that are within one hundred feet of your home. Mow the grass, pull weeds, and cut back tree branches and brush.

Other steps you might take to prepare your home for wildfires is to “harden” your home. That means shoring up gaps in the roof or eaves to prevent embers from collecting there. Make sure all vents are covered with an ⅛ of inch metal mesh, not plastic or fiberglass. You might also consider using fire-resistant materials in your roof and siding. Install dual pane windows to decrease the risk of breakage during a fire.

You should also set aside time to come up with, or revise, your household’s emergency plan. Practice safeguarding your home and learn the common evacuation routes away from your home. Set a predetermined meeting location in case you get separated.

If you need a referral for any vendors or specialists to help you with your home this fall, reach out.


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Wildfire Season in San Diego: Fire Preparedness Tips

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