Linda F.

I have used Keith for all my real estate transactions (both buying and selling) and I always came out on top. He has many years of experience and had advised me well throughout the years. What is also great about Keith Roby is that he has a crew to fix and prepare a condo, house or industrial building for selling and he has worked with these specialty contractors for many years. Specialties such as mold repair and inspection, painting, plumbing, cleaning and more. The work gets done with quality and on time. On the flip side when you want to purchase a new place he listens to what your needs are and does not persuade you out of your price range or location and wasting time. Another great thing is that while I was working I could digitally sign all my documents and because he has a very technical office. This made it so much easier for me to get my dreams realized. He responded quickly to my calls with questions and didn’t leave me hanging. He is definitely not a new realtor who just got their license and practicing part time. He also found me a tenant after I bought an investment condo. I will definitely use Keith again in the future. He goes the extra mile.

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